Charity, Hobbies and Health Lifestyle Survey

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121,603 consumers aged 50+ have completed a detailed lifestyle survey.  In doing so they have responded to a direct mailing piece sent to them.  The detailed survey includes information regarding their demographics, hobbies and interests, charitable and social activity, health and mobility, affluence, employment status and education levels.  They are above average in terms of wealth and affluence and highly engaged with charities and their community.  This can be combined with: The Greater Data Charity Propensity Score (CPS)   The Greater Data Charity Propensity Score (CPS) has been developed using a wide range of precise information including psychographic, geographic and demographic factors. From this, we build a picture of how likely 16+ million Australian consumers are to donate to a particular cause. A database with such remarkable reach and accuracy has never before been available. The CPS allows you to specifically identify your target audience, so that you can execute campaigns with every confidence that the desired return is achieved, even surpassed.  


Age Income
Demographic Personalised
Geography (from state to address)


Format:   Mail

Delivery Method:

  • MS Excel File

Turnaround:   3 working days

Delivery Guarantee:   95%


Setup and Delivery Fee        $350
Mailing Data Rental        $330 per `000
Telemarketing Data Rental        $345 per `000
Minimum Order        $5,000
Plus GST

Terms and Conditions

1. All list rental subject to list owner approval.
2. The sale will be subject to The Prospect Shop standard set of terms and conditions for data sales.
3. Due to frequency of data updates, the data count figures cannot be guaranteed.
4. Prices subject to change without notice.
5. All mailings to be undertaken by approved mail house unless otherwise agreed.

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"Like most charities, Vision Australia is focused on appealing to a greater number of people around the country to engage in and support its mission. With the help of the varied services of The Prospect Shop we’ve been able to do this over the last few years and hope to continue to into the future. Their service goes beyond just the provision of ‘mailing lists and data’ so we can maximise and improve our acquisition campaigns each time."
- Sally Shepherd, Direct Marketing Manager
Vision Australia
"Carlon Leong is a B2B Marcomms agency that relies on the accuracy of contact data for the success of its campaigns. The Prospect Shop, by harnessing its first class knowledge of all things data, provides us with contact solutions that enable the efficient delivery of client messages to their targeted markets."
- Bruce Leong, Client Services Director
Carlon Leong

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